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What We Do

At The Breis Agency, the most important aspect of what we do is YOU! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we always tailor our services to fulfill your unique needs.

Web Design & Development

We design and maintain modern, attractive and functional websites that help convert first-time visitors into regular patrons.


Customized solutions (such as online booking, payments & contracts) improve your business’ productivity and bottom-line.


We work with you to craft strategies that incorporate your business' unique goals, challenges, resources and opportunities.

What We've Done

Swipe through some of our recent work. Click or tap each picture for more info on that project.

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Caring Caregiver Home Healthcare


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The Bros Enterprise


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Kenmore Pest Control

Website | Quote Form | Employment Form

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Website | Dynamic Video Feed | Online Donations

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Website | Enrollment Process | Online Payments

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ProBuilder PLUS


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Joyful Hearts

Website | Application & Enrollment Process

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Hands Of A Goddess

Website | Logo | Booking Process | Online Payments | Online Giftcards

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Tito's Villa Catering

Website | Ordering Process | Business Approach

How We Do It

In order to work efficiently, and give our clients the most value, the following process governs every project we embark on:

New Client | The BREIS Agency | You-Centric Business Solutions

New Client Meeting

We meet with every new client - via phone call, video chat or in-person. This is your chance to communicate exactly what you need from us. You'll also use this time to gather ALL the materials necessary for your project (such as pictures, text, dates, etc); this way, we avoid the dreaded "start, stop, idle, start over" cycle.

Contract | The BREIS Agency | You-Centric Business Solutions

Proposal & Deposit

Next, we draft a comprehensive Proposal that outlines your project's scope, milestones, and payment schedule. Every proposal has a link to our Terms & Conditions, which governs all our work, and assures you of the quality of work you may expect from us. You can sign our proposal online; no need for us to email it to you, then you print it, sign and scan it, then email it back to us... . You may also pay your deposit (if applicable) online securely.

Mockup | The BREIS Agency | You-Centric Business Solutions

Mock-Up Production

Imagine we've completed your project, only it's NOT what you wanted . That's where mockups come in: we present you with unfinished versions of your project early on, so you can request changes and approve of your project's general direction. We then complete your project to perfection.

Delivered | The BREIS Agency | You-Centric Business Solutions

Final Delivery

By this phase, your satisfaction is practically guaranteed! We typically schedule an online viewing (for you to interact with your website), and/or a walkthrough (to explain the features of your business strategy). The goal is to make sure you're completely comfortable with your product.

Who We Are

Arit Amana Pic

Arit Amana

Lead Developer

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Team Pic



It's a common response when people hear about my business:
“Oh, so you design websites?”

Yes, that is a part of what we do. But I like to think of my team as solution providers. Your website could be a flat, one-dimensional entity or we could turn it into a vibrant, time-saving product that makes you more efficient and effective. Your marketing materials may just fill up space, or we could design them to communicate your vision & purpose with impact and conviction. Your paper contract may be well-written, but you still lose days of productivity as you email it out, wait on your clients to open their email, find it, print it, read it, sign it, scan it back… (you get the idea).

I founded The BREIS Agency to empower business owners and organization leaders with customized products & solutions. “BREIS” is the phonetic representation of “brace”, which means “to make stronger; to undergird; to buttress“. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur, or someone nursing a budding business idea, we are ready to serve your goals. CONTACT US TODAY!


Swipe to view our standard pricing. If you don't see what you desire below, we can assemble a custom package that better suits your needs.

  • Breis Basic
  • $1799
  • 3-Section Landing Page + Contact Form
  • 1 Custom Email at Domain
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SSL-Secured (https://)
  • URL Registration and 12-month Hosting
  • Breis Plus
  • $2599 & up
  • Everything in "Breis Basic"
  • One or more workflow or productivity solutions, e.g.
  • - Online Booking
  • - Online Payments
  • - Online Contracts
  • 30-min Biz Consult (recorded)
  • Breis Premier
  • $3399 & up
  • Everything in "Breis Plus"
  • Extra 30 mins of Biz Consult
  • Basic Search-Engine/Page-Speed Optimization
  • Breis Extras
  • Site Support: $90/hr - for work done on sites post-delivery (per proposal terms)
  • Business Consults: $60/30min
  • Add'l Email Acct: $60/yr
  • Add'l Email Space: $10/GB/yr
  • Copywriting: 25c/word
  • High-Res Images: $5 each
  • Graphic Design: Inquire
  • E-Commerce Setup: Inquire
  • SEO/Page-Speed: Inquire

NOTE: All packages require an Annual Maintenance Fee of $299/year, which covers software updates, security patches & upgrades, and weekly backups in event of data-loss.

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