YOU-Centric Technology Solutions


Customized solutions (such as online booking, payments & contracts) improve your business’ productivity and bottom-line.


We work with you to craft strategies that incorporate your business' unique goals, challenges, resources and opportunities.

Web Design & Development

We produce modern, attractive and functional websites that help convert first-time visitors into regular patrons.


The BREIS Agency empowers small business owners and organization leaders with technology-based products & solutions.BREIS is the phonetic representation of the word brace, which means to make stronger; to undergird; to buttress.We serve businesses at all levels, from ideation, to fully established and thriving.


The following pricing applies to New Clients only. We offer ongoing support after completing your project, at a competitive rate.

Website Services


10-hour Minimum
Rate excludes the price of incorporated subscription services
- One Custom Email at Domain
- 100% Mobile-Responsive
- SSL-Secured (https)

Workflow Solutions


8-hour Minimum
Rate excludes the price of incorporated subscription services
- Booking System for service-based businesses, with Google Calendar sync
- Online Payment Integration
- Testimonials Collection
- Other Integrations

Business Consulting


1-hour Increments- Receive vetted, potent strategies for elevating your small business to the next level
- Receive an audit of your current business workflows

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